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Amelia Ward and the Scrying Glass

Coming soon: Complete rewrite. The plot thickens

Amelia Ward and Scrying Glass
by R.C.Holly
The Story
Amelia, an innocent and shy fifteen year old, revisits her grandmother's old house some ten years after her passing. In a town where secrets fill the air, hovering over despair and gloom, the life of a child begins a darkened journey. Will history repeat itself in Salem? Or is it history at all... if all that was forgotten and cast aside is still adrift, never having left?


R.C. Holly

Amelia Ward
The Blackening
Salem's Curse
Porcelain Soul
The Shadow Hour
The House of Glass

Heart of Glass
The Devil's Cell
The Lights at Dante's pass
The Washroom


Symphonic Suicide (Band)

Amelia Ward


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